shaking up the industry

New York's first sustainable florist™

When we opened our doors in 2007, we became the very first florist in New York city to offer customers responsibly sourced flowers.

We believe that the use of pesticides and fertilizers in flower production is not only adding harmful toxins and chemicals to our food and water chains; thereby affecting our health, it also has a damaging impact on the environment. By sourcing and supporting sustainable growers in developing countries (where most of our retail flowers are grown), we are helping them to adopt healthier growing methods and safer working conditions.

We also believe that we should all try to live off our local resources, as much as possible. It reduces our carbon footprint and supports our economy - building stronger, happier, safer communities. This is why we only source from either local farms or those which are monitored and regulated by an independent body for sustainability and fair working conditions.

Gardenia Organic has become the go-to florist for the most discerning of clients - from celebrities, to business leaders and political figures. Our commitment to sustainability continues to lead the industry standards. We have frequently been the feature of in-print articles for major media outlets including Elle, Vogue, Gotham Magazine, New York Magazine, NBC's "Today" show, Brides UK and the New York Times. Our work has also appeared in a number of digital publications such as Huffington Post, Style Me Pretty, Elle Japan, Trendy bride and many more. Hannah was delighted to be invited to be a guest designer at the prestigious Macy's Flower Show in 2010.

beyond the stems

It's not just our flowers that are green. We recycle and compost our own generated waste - glass, organic matter, plastic, paper and cardboard. We continuously ask our suppliers to reduce the packaging they use and to not send us any paper catalogs or invoices.

We re-use as much of our own waste and supply only from sustainable and/or Fair Trade organizations. Our shopping bags, business cards, tissue and wrappings are all recycled and/or biodegradable. We even have vases made from recycled glass. We never use any additives, preservatives or flower foam.

In both our US and UK locations we prefer and, strive to, source from companies that manufacture on our own turf.

our values

Our business is based on three founding principles:

  • We practice a form of business that is not solely driven by profit margins

  • We believe a successful business does not have to come at the cost of others

  • We only source from companies with high ethical and environmental standards

how we do it

In the USA, Fair Trade is still in its infancy. Over the last few years we’ve seen the term promoted more and become more familiar, but there’s a long way to go. Most of the flowers sold in the USA are imported from South America. These farms do not all have the same human rights standards as those that the Dutch auctions source from in Africa for the UK market. We’ve worked hard to support the South American farms that have gone through extensive effort and passed stringent inspections by governing bodies.

As well as trading and building relations with growers in developing countries, we are equally as committed to sourcing as much as possible locally. In such a vast country, this means looking at a 200-mile radius of our studio - eliminating the need for any air miles, reducing our carbon footprint and supporting our local economy.

Back in Britain, we’ve committed to sourcing from British farms. Not just British companies – as many of these actually grow their flowers overseas, as far away as Kenya.

Wherever we work, we’re dedicated to bringing our customers the best quality product with the most consideration for our environment and our people. By reducing our carbon footprint, supporting Fair Trade and buying from local small businesses, the only impact we’re having is positive.

we've won our stripes

We have worked very hard to earn our own certifications for our commitment to building the floral industry’s first sustainable supply chain. In 2010 we were awarded VeriFlora’s ‘Prefered Retailer’ status and in 2011 Green America’s ‘Approved Business’ stamp.