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Questions? You’ve come to the right place. We’ve gathered the most frequently posed questions we’ve been asked over the years and hope these cover the answers you’re looking for. Our delivery policy might provide some further answers. If you’ve got something new for us, or prefer a more personal interaction, please just send us an email to info@gardeniaorganic.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

do you offer same day delivery?

Yes, we certainly do.  We’ll always try our best to get an order out when you need it. We buy our flowers fresh everyday, to order, with extra for same day orders. This means you get the best quality & most lovely flowers available and we keep waste to a minimum but, we can sell out quickly. The earlier you contact us, the better.

The selection of flowers on same day orders is more limited, so you might need to be a little flexible and trust us to make you something lovely.

Please phone us on +1 646 688 5753 as soon as possible so that we can process your order, our phones can get busy in the mornings but we will always call you back if you leave us a message.

what times are you open?

We’re always working and love it! But we don’t have a shop. We work out of a design studio in an artist loft building and we’re in and out all day setting up events, meeting brides, buying flowers & supplies, etc. We’re generally in the studio every weekday from 9am - 5pm, and on Saturdays from 9am-12pm . If you get our voicemail we’ll return your call as soon as we can, and our email (info@gardeniaorganic.com) follows us everywhere!

where is your shop?

We don’t have a shop. We work out of a design studio in New York’s Chelsea neighborhood, right in the heart of the flower market. We only sell custom made bouquets for delivery and we’re open by appointment only for consultations. We don’t publish our address as we’d hate for you to decide to surprise us only to find a locked door and be disappointed.

can you deliver my flowers at a certain time?

Generally, our flowers are delivered in business hours between 9am to 5pm. We always aim to get your flowers delivered as early as possible and work hard to deliver them quickly. Our delivery service plans the most efficient route for the day to reduce carbon emissions and get them done as soon as possible. Therefore your delivery time depends on where your address falls on the route for the day.

We’ll always try to meet a preferred delivery window that you may have, we just can’t promise it. The delivery service do offer an expedited option for those occasions when you have a strict deadline, there is an additional fee for this. Please be sure to read our delivery policy for more information.

do you deliver on the weekend?

We’re closed on Sundays (except for events) and public holidays. Please see our delivery policy for more information.

how much does delivery cost?

The delivery charge is $25 for Manhattan for gift orders, plus $5 for each additional bouquet being delivered to the same address. The delivery fee for events varies by location and the size of the event, the cost for your event will listed as a line item on your proposal. We have worked very hard to negotiate the most competitive delivery rates for you and we don’t make a penny from your delivery charges, there’s no mark up. Our delivery service are experienced and trust worthy and we feel this is important (and its hard to find!).

can I pick-up my order?

Of course! As we’re a design studio and not a shop, we’re often in and out all day so we'll need to coordinate a mutually convenient time when we're sure one of our team will be there to meet you.

I have a special request for a bouquet - can I still order online?

Absolutely! The bouquets on our website are just an example, all of our work is custom designed. If you’d like the convenience of ordering online we recommend that you select a Prescriptive bouquet at your preferred price point and enter your special requests in the ‘Delivery Notes’ section of your order. We read this very carefully and we’ll contact you to confirm that we’ve seen your comments. If that doesn’t work for you, just drop us an email to info@gardeniaorganic.com with your request and we’ll get back to you ASAP.

do you deliver outside New York?

In keeping with our environmental standards, we only deliver gift orders within Manhattan. We do design and manage events outside of the city – we’ve developed a network of suppliers and can work all over the country for events.

can I give you my own card to be delivered with the flowers?

Absolutely. We’ll just need to coordinate with you to make sure we get it in time for your delivery.

do you have a wedding price list?

All of our weddings (and other events) are custom designed to meet your unique requirements and budget. Unlike many florists, we do not offer wedding packages as we feel these are impersonal and your wedding should reflect you. Full wedding & event services are priced from $5000 and include a private consultation; custom design;  itemized cost proposal; delivery, installation & breakdown. If you don't require all services we'll be happy to discuss and provide you with an estimate for the services & items that you do need. Just send us an email to info@gardeniaorganic.com or complete our event inquiry form.

do you sell flowers for cooking?

Flowers grown without chemicals are safer to eat, but our flowers are not intended for human consumption. We’re not able to sell flowers by the stem and our minimum order is $85 plus delivery fee, so it usually doesn’t work out economically for the amateur chef. I always recommend that you try your local farmer’s market as there are often flowers available that are grown without chemicals (but always ask the seller first to be sure).

my order is not going far, can you waive the delivery fee?

Unfortunately, time is money. Someone has to dedicate their time to take your flowers to their destination – no matter how far away it is, it takes time.