get in touch with your creative side

We love nothing more than to teach and are delighted to offer classes in our charming studio located in the heart of Manhattan's historical flower district.

We offer a range of classes and workshops from the classic hand-tied bouquet method, to wreaths and terrariums. No experience at all is necessary, our experienced designers will guide you through each process and you'll be amazed when you step back at the end of the class and admire the result of your handiwork. Whether you're wanting to perfect your natural talent or learn something totally new, we'll provide the level of instruction you need so that you leave with a skill for life.

Classes held in our studio are made up of small groups of no more than six people and we offer a regular schedule to flow with the change of seasons and holidays. We can also schedule a private class for small groups and have facilitated very effective large group classes for corporate events - making something is always a great team building exercise!

We believe everyone should have a creative outlet - its good for the soul. Playing with nature and releasing creative energy is very therapeutic. No cell phone, no computer - just time focused on you (although we're sure you'll be keen to post a pic of your creation on Instagram as soon as you're done).

We provide all the materials needed for the class, a fun & relaxed atmosphere with some light refreshments and a glass (or two) of bubbly. Your creation is of course yours to take home and enjoy at the end of the class.

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