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natural born florist

This picture tells her story. Hannah has always had a love of nature; from a young age she was curiously digging for inspiration!

Born in Canada to English parents, Hannah was just 3 years old when the family moved to the French countryside. When not at school, she would spend every minute she could outside - riding her bike, building forts and helping her father in the greenhouse.

After completing her education, Hannah embarked on the first rank of the corporate ladder in a leading business consultancy based in London. She climbed that ladder quickly and found herself in roles overseeing global programmes of complex business change. In her early twenties Hannah transferred to the company's office in Boston where she worked for some of the biggest global brands to improve their business performance. But, like many of us, Hannah knew there was more to life than making others successful and by the age of thirty she decided to sell-up and follow her dream for a more personally fulfilling career. A line of vocation which would enable her to work with people in a way that enhances and supports happiness on a very human level.

new beginnings & fresh perspectives

Opened in December 2007, Gardenia Organic was the first sustainable florist in New York (click here to learn about how we do this). Gardenia Organic is Hannah's baby, an idea that was born from wanting to live a life with purpose and doing business ethically. She will not compromise on quality ingredients, beautiful design or strict sustainability practices.

New York Magazine named Gardenia Organic ‘Best Florist’ just a few months after opening its doors. In New York they are the only florist 100% dedicated to a sustainable supply chain. Gardenia Organic was the first New York florist to be become certified by VeriFlora and the first to be awarded Green America's 'Business Seal of Approval'.

healing NYC one bouquet at a time

"For every bouquet we make at Gardenia Organic we carefully select each stem for their color, fragrance, symbolic & naturopathic properties, creating a beautiful presentation that conveys the sentiment with which is it given, on a truly holistic level. In addition to the accepted therapeutic properties of the flowers, I use my psychic abilities and intuition to program the bouquets with the most appropriate healing energy needed for the recipient. Our goal is to support and promote the healthy balance of mind, body & spirit.

Personally, my thirties were very challenging for me. I was keen to process emotional and mental dis-ease so that I could understand my life experiences and how they have shaped who I am. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery, meeting an amazing group of holistic healers and learning many tools for self-healing. I explored techniques and realized the value of self-empowerment. During this transformational phase I gained the confidence to acknowledge and accept my psychic abilities. I am claircognizant (clear-knowing) and have the ability to channel healing.

Through my studies I have gained a deep knowledge of the therapeutic properties of flowers. They have been used for healing over many centuries and everyone from the Ancient Egyptians to Tibetan Buddhists and modern day naturopaths believe that flowers contain magical powers. Just as the human being incorporates a physical form and a spiritual body, flowers have a life force. Each variety has its own energetic imprint which evokes specific qualities and this energy can be accessed from the flowers in both in their natural state (as a bouquet) but also in formulations such as essential oils and essences.

As I look to the future, my personal ambition is to combine my work with my spiritual gifts and healing abilities. One of the many reasons why I love my job and my business is that I get touch people's lives in a positive way, through the flowers. Flowers are always given for a reason and usually at pivotal life moments - new babies, weddings, deaths, birthdays, etc. Even the "just because" bouquets are given with a feeling & sentiment. The flowers are the method used to express this emotion. Beyond the aesthetic appeal of the bouquets we design at Gardenia Organic, we have a responsibility to successfully convey the intention behind the gift.."

Hannah Ling, founder & creative director of Gardenia Organic